A Naming Ceremony is a special way to involve family and friends to celebrate the birth of a baby or to welcome a child and pledge love and support for the new arrival into the family. They are non-religious and have no legal status and have become increasingly popular for families of mixed religions, and parents who have no wish to bring their child up in a particular faith, leaving them free to make religious decisions later in life.

Style of Ceremony

Style Of CeremonyOne of the most exciting events in a family’s life is the arrival of a new baby or child, and many of us want to celebrate the occasion in a memorable and special way.  If you are looking for a modern alternative to a traditional Christening or Baptism, this is the ceremony for you.

Mothers and fathers are able to publicly declare their commitment to nurture and care for their child, to promise to be good parents, and share their hopes and aspirations for the child’s future. Your chosen ‘Supporting Adults’ (Godparents) can take part in the ceremony as well as siblings, grandparents and friends, all having the opportunity to confirm a special relationship with the child.

Ceremony Venue

Ceremony VenueThe ceremony can be held anywhere and at any time – your home or garden, a community hall, a zoo, a beach – the list is endless.

I will work with you to create a Naming Ceremony that is a unique, beautiful, poignant and fun service. The ceremony itself may be as long or short as you wish and as well as including words, poems and readings, symbolic ceremonies such as lighting candles or releasing balloons can be incorporated into the service.

Symbolic Ceremonies

Symbolic CeremoniesA Naming Ceremony can also be a wonderful opportunity to welcome an adopted child or stepchild into your family.  The ceremonies are not just for babies, Naming Ceremonies can also be held for older children and adults.