Circle of Life provide experienced Celebrants who will work with you to ensure your ceremony is exactly what you want, giving you memories you will cherish forever.

In this modern day more people are seeking alternatives to the traditional church wedding. People who use a Wedding Celebrant choose to do so as they want to have a more personalised wedding ceremony; one that reflects their own beliefs and lifestyles and one that isn’t restricted to time or place.


LegalitiesCurrently in England and Wales only Registrars and church ministers can legally complete the paperwork for a marriage. This means that this part remains separate to your Celebrant Wedding Ceremony. You can arrange to attend the Register Office or another licensed venue to complete the legalities at a time convenient to you which may be on the morning of your wedding ceremony or any period before.

The marriage ceremony at the Register Office will take approximately 10-15 minutes. The Superintendent Registrar will make a short statement about marriage and you will be required to repeat a standard set of promises. These may not be changed and you do not need to exchange vows or rings at this point, you can save this for your Wedding ceremony. After the ceremony, the marriage register is signed by you both and your two witnesses, you will then be issued with a marriage certificate, legalities over!

The simplest of legal formalities over – and now the freedom to choose your own special wedding celebration ceremony…


WeddingsBecause you have already completed the ‘legal’ bits in a licensed venue you have no restriction of when and where you hold your wedding ceremony. You may want to get married somewhere unusual, in your back garden, the place where you first met, the beach, your favourite restaurant; the choice is endless and can be performed day or night.

Wherever you decide to hold it you will be guaranteed that it will be completely unique, memorable and special to you. We offer an exclusive service that will put your wedding ceremony at the heart of your special day, for you, your family and friends to remember and cherish for years to come.

If you would prefer it that your guests don’t know that your Wedding ceremony doesn’t include the legal documents then that is fine, we never say anything at the start of a ceremony unless you want us to. We can even design a ceremony which is similar to that of a Civil Registrar led wedding, we can provide a book which you can pose in front of for having your photographs taken as if you are signing the ‘register’.

Civil Partnership

Civil PartnershipIn the UK couples joined by a Civil Partnership have the same rights and obligations as married couples.

Just like Weddings, Civil Partnership ceremonies need not be restricted to a Registry Office or licensed venue. You can choose your time and place and a ceremony that reflects your relationship in a personal and meaningful ceremony. Your ceremony will be the focal point of a very special day for both of you.

A Civil Partnership Ceremony is a wonderful way of publicly declaring your love and commitment to one another. We can design a bespoke ceremony, working with you to ensure that your vows are full of originality and creativity, and most importantly reflects your own beliefs and lifestyles. The content of your ceremony will reflect your hopes and aspirations for your future together.

Wedding Blessing Ceremonies

Wedding Blessing CeremoniesIf you have completed a legal Marriage or Civil Partnership ceremony abroad this is an ideal way of celebrating your Marriage or Partnership with your family and friends on your return home. A Wedding Blessing Ceremony is an ideal way to publicly demonstrate your love and commitment to each other.

Together we can design your very own special celebration that will result in a memorable and very special occasion.

Renewal of Vows

Renewal of VowsWhatever your reasons for wanting to renew your Wedding vows, we can offer you a truly magical, unique and inspirational ceremony, creating an occasion for two married people to reflect on their journey so far and renew their commitment to one another for the journey ahead.

Couples who choose to renew their vows do so for personal reasons, it could be:

  • To celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary;
  • For couples who have been through difficult times such as ill-health or estrangement and mark a new beginning
  • If the original ceremony was a civil ceremony and the couple would now like to have some religious content
  • A symbolic and sentimental gift of thanks from children or grandchildren.

You can choose to hold your renewal of vows wherever and when you want. It can involve just the two of you or your children and other family members and friends as well. You may want the best man and bridesmaids to be part of the ceremony again. The ceremony may be simply reading new vows to one another or repeating your original promises and commitments in a full wedding ceremony.

We will work with you as a couple to design a ceremony that is reflective of your feelings, ideals, and aspirations for the future. We will help you to recapture those special moments and make your celebration one to remember and cherish.